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DataGenn Cloud is not any other cloud provider. We are specifically designed, being built and optimized for the development of artificial intelligence software and generative AI based applications.

DataGenn Cloud AI Model Training

Cloud AI Model Training

At DataGenn Cloud we offer customers a variety of model training services to serve each need.

We can custom train our foundation models for domain specific your needs.
Cloud AI tools so you can quickly train models on your own.
Data cleaning & pretraining.
Cloud AI: Models Fine Tuning

Cloud AI Model Fine Tuning

Our unique fine tuning process is polymathic nature and explores organic ways to tweak weights in just the right subtle ways.

We provide optimized algorithms for fine tuning models
Hire us to conduct the fine tuning on your own models & datasets.
Use our Cloud AI fine tuning algorithms to fine tune models on your own.
High Performance Computing (HPC)

High Performance Computing

High performance compute (HPC) is a necessary requirement to run a fast and reliable AI system of any significance.

DataGenn Cloud will provide HPC hardware from NVIDIA & Google.
State of the art GPUs from NVIDIA
State of the art TPUs from Google
Cloud Hosting

Reliable and scalable hosting solutions for all your AI applications.

AI Model Training

Harness the power of AI with personalized model training. There is evidence that training a 1/3 size model on 3X the epochs of training data will have similar performance as 1X training time once on a 1X model size.

Fine Tuning

Refine models to suit your specific business needs. Fine-tuning is made easy at DataGenn Cloud. Use pre-packaged AI algorithms for back propagation & calculating gradients.

High Speed Computing

Process vast amounts of data swiftly and efficiently with NVIDIA GPUs and high performance computing (HPC).

Custom Vector Databases

Specialized vector databases tailored to your unique requirements.

Total AI Cloud Provider

One-stop solution for all your AI-related cloud needs.