DataGenn Cloud: Discounted AI & ML cloud services

We are a DataGenn AI company offering our customers all of their cloud needs to power large language models and artificial intelligence based software / applications. We specialize in providing AI & ML services in the DataGenn Cloud, empowering businesses to simplify the process and make it easy to build, deploy and host AI applications and software running on DataGenn LLM and DataGenn domain-specific language models.

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Cloud AI Specialists

Embarking on a journey into the Cloud, and more specifically, into AI on the cloud, can be an overwhelming task.

Where do you begin? Which language model are you going to use? Are you using an out of the box API that’s Go-To-Market ready or are you going to do domain-specific training and custom fine-tuning based on your proprietary datasets?

Our mission is to make it easy to get all services you need to build custom AI chatbots, software and applications powered by artificial intelligence. So, no need to be concerned. Whatever your situation, DataGenn Cloud aims to be your go-to source for all things Cloud AI.

DataGenn Cloud

In collaboration with the leading cloud providers, we ensure unparalleled flexibility and cost-effectiveness. Our cost-saving approach means more savings for you.

Top-notch infrastructure: Assured performance with robust cloud infrastructure.
Flexible solutions: Tailored to meet your AI demands.
Cost-effective pricing: Experience the best, at less.
AI Cloud Services

Cloud application hosting + AI & ML services such as language model training, fine tuning.

High Performance Computing

Experience blazing fast computations suitable for AI tasks with hardware from the leaders in HPC.

Vector Databases

Manage and access your data efficiently with our advanced custom vector databases.

Cloud Hosting

Reliable and scalable hosting solutions for all your AI applications.

AI Model Training

Harness the power of AI with personalized model training. There is evidence that training a 1/3 size model on 3X the epochs of training data will have similar performance as 1X training time once on a 1X model size.

Fine Tuning

Refine models to suit your specific business needs. Fine-tuning is made easy at DataGenn Cloud. Use pre-packaged AI algorithms for back propagation & calculating gradients.

High Speed Computing

Process vast amounts of data swiftly and efficiently with NVIDIA GPUs and high performance computing (HPC).

Custom Vector Databases

Specialized vector databases tailored to your unique requirements.

Total AI Cloud Provider

One-stop solution for all your AI-related cloud needs.

Why DataGenn?

Choose DataGenn Cloud for a seamless, powerful, and secure AI-driven cloud experience.

Safe & Secure Cloud Powered for AI

With state-of-the-art security protocols, your AI assets are always protected.

24×7 Support for Enterprise & Developers

Dedicated support round the clock for all your queries and needs.

Save big on low cost prices

Top-tier services don’t have to break the bank. Experience affordability with no compromise on quality.