About Us

About DataGenn Cloud: a DataGenn AI company.

Greetings, I’m Benjamin Ogden – founder of DataGenn Cloud and DataGenn AI Corp.

As I’ve meandered through the multifaceted realms of technology over the years, one principle perpetually guided my explorations: simplicity. In a world burgeoning with complexity, especially at the confluence of artificial intelligence and cloud technology, I envisioned a sanctuary for businesses who want to embrace AI and are looking to get started. A place where the intricate becomes intuitive, where challenge transforms into opportunity. This vision of a frictionless Cloud ecosystem for AI services inspired in the creation of DataGenn Cloud.

Born as an integral wing of DataGenn AI Corp, DataGenn Cloud is not just a manifestation of a dream but a pledge. A pledge to demystify the AI cloud stack, to illuminate and simplify its every layer, and most importantly, to make it accessible & affordable to all who dare to dream & innovate.

In my experience, getting set up on the cloud is often far more complex that it could be. More complex than it should be, actually.

Our commitment at DataGenn Cloud goes beyond mere service provision. We see our organization, DataGenn AI, as the torchbearers leading AI -driven businesses through the vector choices of AI cloud processes. At each phase, we simplify, we guide, and we empower.

Central to our ethos is the philosophy of shared growth. As we have fine-tuned the art and science of our offerings, we’ve unearthed efficiencies and savings to improve ROI. Savings that we ardently believe should cascade to you. Therefore, every client of DataGenn Cloud not only benefits from our top-tier Cloud AI services powering the wave of innovation around artificial intelligence software, but also from an economic model designed for mutual prosperity among our customers, our suppliers/partners, and our parent company DataGenn AI.

For our family at DataGenn AI Corp, and particularly those harnessing the power of DataGenn LLM, we’ve curated a special offering. A gesture of gratitude for being part of our journey, this includes preferential, discounted pricing to ensure innovation remains accessible. DataGenn Cloud also offers discounted pricing to customers developing domain-specific large language models based on DataGenn foundation models.

Enterprise customers venturing into application development via DataGenn Development (DataGenn.dev) are not merely clients, but partners in innovation. Recognizing the scale and depth of their endeavors, we’ve sculpted bespoke pricing structures, ensuring that as they scale the heights of their ambitions, we are right beside them, every step of the way. (FYI: DataGenn.dev is not live, it is coming soon…)

In essence, DataGenn Cloud is determined to become more than a cloud service; it’s an AI platform service where each customer need, each ideation, resonates with our commitment to simplicity, affordability, and excellence. We invite you to co-create a future where AI and cloud are not just tools, but catalysts of transformation.

Welcome to DataGenn Cloud. Together, let’s redefine the possible.

DataGenn Cloud is an integral part of our vertical integration strategy

Empowering businesses with simplified AI cloud solutions, fostering innovation through affordability, and strengthening the bond of the DataGenn AI family by offering unparalleled value to our customers.

Shaping the future of AI cloud integration, where simplicity meets efficiency, making advanced technology accessible and affordable for every business in the DataGenn AI ecosystem.

  1. Integrity: Upholding transparency and trustworthiness in every action and decision.
  2. Innovation: Continually pushing the boundaries to offer state-of-the-art solutions.
  3. Customer-Centricity: Placing our customers’ needs at the heart of our operations, ensuring their growth and success.
  4. Collaboration: Strengthening the DataGenn family by fostering partnerships, open communication, and shared growth.
  5. Affordability: Democratizing AI cloud solutions, ensuring high-quality services are within reach for all.
  6. Sustainability: Adapting eco-friendly practices, ensuring a better digital future for all.
  7. Excellence: Committing to the highest standards in our offerings, always striving for perfection.